Advancing Human Connection for everyone: at work and at home.

Grace empowers individuals with science-backed mindsets and skills that increase connection and drive workplace performance.

Trusted by top organisations

Our mission: To advance and empower human connection in the workplace and at home.

We believe that human connection and performance are an integrated journey. We build and strengthen the mindsets and skills that help people become their most authentic, highest impact self.

Our methodology integrates the whole-person to grow employee happiness and connection and boost organizational performance. We strengthen human connection in organizations and individuals worldwide.

Our Values

Grace - We lead from the understanding that we have all been given much without merit.

Beauty - The world is full of inherent beauty and we should seek to cultivate it in our lives.

Creativity - We are created with infinite creativity and we choose creative over common.

Excellence - We maintain that the man skilled in his work will stand before kings.

Curiosity - We are patient in making judgement. There is always another perspective worth considering.


Grace founder Stuart Kibbe drives the mission to advance human connection for everyone: in the workplace and at home. He is a behavioral scientist, entrepreneur, empath, leader, and community builder. Learn more about Stuart at

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